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Pillows for Patriots Testimonials

soldiers with pillows

"Received the pillows yesterday and they are already being put to good use. I have attached a picture of some of the boys with them. Thanks again for the support! We really appreciate it.".... Respectfully, 2LT Connor Downie, And the Soldiers of 3rd Platoon

"I would like to thank you and all who assisted in the process of sending us the pillows I requested. We at the Coalition Joint Task Force truly appreciate this gesture of support and generosity from the depth of our hearts. Please see attached picture of us at the CJTF. Thank you."...Danesh (Daniel) P. Kateli, CPT, FA, CJTF Joint Fires Integration Officer, CJTF-OIR Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

"We received the pillows today! Thank you very much everyone loves them. Thank you for what you do. Its nice to have a piece of home to take with us, and remind us we are loved."...Sincerely, SGT Anthony Drogos. 555th Forward Surgical Team

"Hello, I'm happy to say we received the shipment of pillows yesterday. Everyone was happy I must say. I want to say thank you so much, your kindness is very much appreciated. It may be a simple pillow but it means much more to us."... Troy Kelly, W II SFC USARMY CENTCOM (US)

"Thank you so much for the deployment pillows. They are being taken daily by Marines who are doing great things for our Nation. Please find some photos attached of the pillows being enjoyed."... Blessings to you, Chaplain Kurt A. Michaeli, LCDR, CHC, USN, 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit

soldiers with pillows soldiers sleeping on pillow soldiers sleeping on pillow

"I received the pillows. They have been truly a blessing to my comrades and myself, as well as the patients admitted to the clinic for medical treatment. I have enclosed a picture of our Navy Forward Surgical Team. I am the female in the front on the left. Thank you so much for your time and loyal support."...Sincerely and Very Respectfully, LT Edwina Perez, NC, USN

"There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."

"My platoon and I thank you for the amazing pillows this made all of our evenings. These pillows will be put to very good use once again thank you for your support. Attached are some photos as I took while passing them out."...Respectfully, Eduardo A. Brown, 1st Platoon, Ghost Troop, 4/2 Cavalry Regiment at FOB Lindsey Afghanistan

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"My platoon and I are extremely grateful for your support, it really means a lot to us to know that there are people that support the troops. This will bring a lot of smiles to the soldiers in my platoon. Once again I can not thank you and your organization enough for what you are doing, not only for my platoon but for the rest of my fellow soldiers that are out there.".... "We got a box today! They are great pillows! Thank you so much for what you are doing to support all of the Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines across the world!"...CPT Reitano

"I wanted to thank you for the pillows. They were a morale booster and we even had enough to give some of our ANA counterparts pillows for their living quarters. Again thanks for the gift."....Ssg. Justin Moore, United States Army Military Police

soldiers with pillows soldiers with pillows
Left - Pillows received by Army unit DCO-2-503RD ABN IN, 4TH PLT, deployed to Afghanistan.

Right - Pillows received by Army Mortar Unit deployed to Afghanistan from Fort Riley, Kansas

"Just wanted you to know that my son got their pillows. He said they are so wonderful for the long days sitting on the trucks in Afghanistan. Thanks so much for sending them. They were also going to give some to the Afghan police who are out in the boonies. He said they would be very appreciative of that. Blessings to you,".... Deb Barnes, Mother of SSG Barnes

 "Each Soldier got a pillow before they left yesterday and they appreciated them so much. Thanks Pillows for Patriots!"....Ivey Hatfield, SCNG Senior Family Readiness Support Assistant

"I wanted to pass along a kudos to you -- the place where I live has a lot of marines because it's close to Pendleton. There is a very cute couple who I see a lot when we're walking our dogs. He is in the marines and has done 3 tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. We were talking tonight and I asked him if he had heard of pillows for patriots -- he said he loved them, and had 3 different sets during his various deployments. He really appreciated them alot!! so I thought I'd pass this on to you."....Meg Waters

"Thank you for your Patriotic service for our military! The 25 pillows arrived and I just got the notice from my daughter. She and the troops were/are so excited to receive the pillows and it was a GREAT surprise for them and so very appreciated."....Joel A. Ortiz, System Safety

"Hello, my name is TSgt Chrishana Dameron, I work at the 455th Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility (CASF). Our mission is to go get the wounded warriors and bring them into our facility...the first big medical facility that they will see after the battlefield. We care for them and stabilize them for flight and then get them on a plane to Germany where they will get further care and or continue their journey back stateside to eventually come home. Currently, we have about 20-40 new people a day.. Anything that you could do would help. Thank you so much for your time and all that you do! Have a Blessed Day Angels!"

 "I just wanted to let you know that our son received your pillows!! He gave them out to the guys without one and they were all very excited and happy. Matthew wanted to send you a thank you note, but he doesn't have much time, so I told him that I would extend his platoon's thank you's to you! Here is a picture someone in his platoon snapped of one of the pillows being put to very good use!! Again, thank you for all that you do! I have passed the word for donations, too.".... Barbara McManaman, mother of soldier in the 3rd Brigade Combat Team out of Fort Campbell, KY

"I just wanted you to know that we recieved pillows from your organization and as I am traveling out and about I am giving them to Soldiers. THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! These things are going like hotcakes. Thank you so much and God bless everyone who was involved in this effort. You guys were a real boost to morale. Thank you for looking out for the American Soldiers in this manner. You're great Americans!".... CH(CPT) Rod Gilliam 2-4BSTB,(CHAPEL)

"We received your pillows a while back. We are pretty busy over here, so I haven't been able to respond back. It's pretty terrible where I am, and we've lost quite a few soldiers. We are struggling, but together we are still doing our job! Thank you very much for the sending what you could, we all appreciate it.".... Sgt Zachary Springer, MIL USA FORSCOM

"Received the pillows and the guys love em! Everyone says thank you very much and we love the support you self-lessly show daily in your works. God bless.".... Joseph A Pope, SPC MIL USA FORSCOM

"Thank you very much ma'am! Whichever parent contacted you was absolutely correct and we can definitely use pillows. Most of my Marines out here are living under in fairly austere environments and any small comfort item is always welcomed. As important as sleep is, the more comfortable I can make them, the better rested and attentive they will be while on patrol or guard duty. Again, thank you so much for contacting me and supporting the Destroyers of 2d Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion!"....Semper Fidelis, SgtMaj Kevin Williamson, 2d Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

"Sorry for the delay in replying...but it has been pretty hectic around here getting settled in for the deployment. Thank you so much for your support and your willingness to help us out with whatever you can. The Marines and Sailors out here often live under very difficult circumstances and even the smallest of conveniences can make a huge difference. The pillows will come in extremely handy and are very much appreciated. Whatever you can do to make life just a bit easier for these young men is appreciated more than you will ever know. I cannot thank you enough for your support. If you ever need anything please do not hesitate to let me know." Respectfully,....LCDR Danny B Purvis, PhD, Battalion Chaplain,2nd Combat Engineer Battalion

"On behalf of Task Force Sabre 401st Army Field Support Brigade, thank you. I requested your pillows for our troops and you responded with tons of love. We are grateful for gift and appreciate what you do for the Troops. Your pillows were a hot commodity here and very well appreciated. I am so thankful for organizations like yours who take the time out to find out what items we need here and you provide it. Thank you!"....Very Respectfully, LaMeika L. Mack SFC, USA S3 Training NCO, Bagram, Afghanistan

"MALS-40, comprised of many Marines from MALS-31 in Beaufort, just got the shipment of pillows. Thank you so much. Everyone loved them. They are the perfect size, especially for someone on the go. That size means you don't have to throw your pillow away every time you go somewhere. Thanks again!"....SSgt J.L. Owens, MALS-40 Quality Assurance Ordnance QAR, Bastion, Afghanistan

"I thought you would all like to read a comment this medic just sent to me:
We understand that pillows may be on the way. Awesome! Right now we use a sheet & some IV bags wrapped up in an insulating material. Again, Thank you & God Bless."....HMC Rod Toler
"This is a Role 1/11 facility (trauma/first response). It is made up of a Forward Resuscitative Surgical Suite and a Shock Trauma Platoon. We rarely hold patients at this facility more than 24 hrs. We see mainly trauma victims from IEDs and other catastrophic injuries. We stabilize and transport. We perform life saving surgical procedures on about 20%. The average time for a patient here is less than 1 hr. unless surgical intervention is required." "Proof that you are making a real difference."....Regards, Roger Godskesen, Soldiers' Angels medical support director.

 HIMARS Delaram II live fire
"I want to say thank you to you and all of the volunteers at Pillows for Patriots and Moss Creek Marines for all that you do for Marines and Veterans. All of your time and work donating pillows to our unit certainly has gone a long way for the Marines at Kilo Battery. Please send everyone at your organizations our sincere thanks. The Marines of 3rd Platoon, based out of Camp Delaram II, have put a number of hand written thank you notes for you all in the mail from Afghanistan. We did this to show our gratitude for all donations received. Attached is a photograph from our deployment, which was recently listed on the Marine Corps homepage. Thank you for everything and Semper Fidelis."....2nd Lt Charles Pollak, 2/14 Kilo Btry Det C (Delaram II) HIMARS Unit 76194

"Myself, LCPL Hunt and PFC Smith would like to thank you on behalf of 3/2 Weapons Company, 81's platoon (Hellfire). Today we recieved your shipment of pillows for patriots. Immediately opening the package we were read the enclosed letter. And we appreciate it so very much. After the letter a pillow fight soon followed and everybody had a smile on their face. These pillows are certainly going to go a long way over the next 8 months while we're deployed to Afghanistan. And it's gestures like this that really help us through our job. But again, thank you so very much. Keep doing what you do, it really means a lot to us."....Best Wishes, Hunt, Smith and the rest of Hellfire. OORAH!

"I must stay, I was pleasantly surprised when, I left a brief today and found three boxes of pillows for me and my troops. It could not have come at a better time. We are on the eve of mobilization, at north Fort Hood, Tx. I was able to lay a pillow on most everyone's bed. I can tell you, EVERYONE was very surprised and thankful. It is a very appreciated offer you have given my soldiers.

Thank you and God bless you and your employers"....SFC Vincenzo "Battman" Battaglia, Aviation Training Assistance Team (ATAT) Flight Platoon NCOIC C Co 1-111th Medevac

"I received your e-mail that 300 pillows have been sent for the Marines and Sailors of 8th Comm Bn. The Marines and Sailors of 8th Communication Battalion have arrived in Afghanistan and have settled into the locations we will be operating from for the next several months. We appreciate all the support and efforts of your organization. I think that the receipt of your gifts will have a very positive impact on our morale and serve as a constant reminder of your support and the support of so many of our Nation's citizens.Thank you for all that you continue to do to 1st Bn 8th Marines support our Marines and Sailors."....Very Respectfully,Mike Schweighardt

"Our son-in-law is currently serving in the 1/8 Weapons Company in Afghanistan. I understand that your group has sent pillows as well as 38 boxes of supplies to his battalion. Through correspondence with our daughter, I KNOW how much packages mean to those who are deployed. Many heartfelt thanks for remembering them. Your generosity and kindness is greatly appreciated, especially by us their family."....With gratitude, Beth McMaster

"On behalf of the Soldiers of the 1177th Transportation Company, a Georgia Army National Guard Unit, I want to personally thank you very much for the pillows that we picked up from you in October 2010 to hand out to all of our deploying Soldiers. They definitely came in handy & got plenty of use while training at FT Stewart, GA & FT Bliss, TX as well as during our flight overseas. Thank you for all of your support & for being true Patriots. Maybe you should consider changing your name to "Pillows from Patriots" as that is what your organization truly is. Having your support definitely makes our jobs easier knowing we are respected & appreciated. Best of luck to a wonderful 2011. Thanks again & very respectfully,"....Captain Darrel E. Geving, Commander, 1177th Transportation Company

"Kilo Battery, 2/14, 4th MarDiv just returned today from Pre-deployment leave and the boxes of pillows are here to be distributed to all hands before we fly over to Afghanistan. Thank you Pillows For Patriots and Moss Creek Marines for making this happen for all our Marines and Navy Sailors! I will send pictures of us with the pillows and letters to you all once we get in country.

Your support of our unit on this deployment goes a long way with every Marine and Navy Sailor here. You are certainly helping us be more set up for success. These pillows will help us accomplish our mission in country by being better rested every day. Semper Fidelis."....Pollak, Charles R., 2ndLt USMCR,Rocket Btry K, Huntsville, AL

Marines Bravo Battery "On behalf of the Marines in Bravo Battery, I would like to thank the Veterans and volunteers associated with the Moss Creek Marine organization. I have attached some photos of the Marines receiving mail and handing out the pillows that were received. Again, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. God bless and Semper Fidelis!"....1st Sgt Chasen E. Getty, Btry B 1/10 RCT-2

Click here for thank you pictures from Sapper Company Army, 101st Airborne.

"I can’t thank you enough for the pillows we got for the 151 SNG. They have been gone 3 months now and they all loved the pillows they got. They had them for the ride over. Thank you so much for all you did to get my boys there pillows, you’re the best! "....Debbie Wyckoff, Family Assistance Specialist, NGSC

2nd Bn 1st Marines "Just to let you know that the pillows were a tremendous hit with the Marines. They were totally unexpected and very much appreciated, not only for the flight over, but while they are there. The ground gets pretty hard after a while. Thanks again to both of you for your support.".... Bill Robb, Family Readiness Officer, 2nd Bn, 1st Marines

"I just wanted to thank you for your most recent shipment to our soldiers in Afghanistan. They received the pillows this week and are very thankful since all of their personal items were stolen."..... Dana Leopold
NOTE: The personal belongings of 70 of the soldiers in this group were stolen enroute to Afghanistan. Efforts were made by several organizations to replace the stolen items.

 Thank you letter from Kabul Afghanistan
Thank you letter for Pillow for Patriots.

Combined Joint Staff, Operations (CJ3)
Headquarters, International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)
Kabul Afghanistan

(Click picture for larger view of Thank you letter from Kabul Afghanistan)

"Heard from our son that the box of 25 pillows arrived today, and he and his fellow soldiers are so happy to have them. We all thank you very much for making this possible."... Lisa Scharf, Re: Shipment to Tim Scharf, Task Force Shadow

"My name is Jeffrey Peters and I am the Family Readiness Officer for Combat Logistics Battalion 2. I recently received 750 pillows from your organization. I will be passing them out right before the Marines and Sailors get on the bus for their long trip to Afghanistan. They will bring much comfort on the bus, the plane and then while in country.

It is a blessing to know that there are others out there who think about the military on a regular basis. I was in the Marine Corps for 22 years and loved every minute of it. I would like to thank you for taking your time to help others out. These pillows will give the Marines and Sailors some comfort on their long journey. Once again I would like to thank you for all that you do. Thank you" .... Combat Logistics Battalion 2

soldier sleeping with pillows
"Thanks again for all of the pillows. Here are some of the pictures that I have taken of Marines using them in the field. These guys sleep in a lot of uncomfortable places and have seen some of my men take them on patrol with them.

I know you probably haven't gotten a lot of thank yous, but that is only because we do not have internet easily accessible and most Marines need to use the few minutes they get on the satellite phone to talk with wives and family. They are all very appreciative and have told me thank you several times. Hope all is going well for you. As always you can follow our company on facebook by friending limahavoc if you so desire."...Tom Lucey, Lima Co, 3/1

"My unit recently replaced a unit in Arifjan, Kuwait and we were pleased to find all these small pillows available for use for our troops.  Soldiers were asking where they could get more pillows of the same size but no one knew where they had come from.  A couple weeks later we discovered two boxes of additional pillows that allowed each soldier to have as many as they desired.  It was only then that I found a bag with the name of the sponsoring organization. 

Thank you for providing such a worthwhile donation to our deployed service members.  The pillows are a perfect size and even though they were originally shipped to the previous unit, their benefits are being passed down to subsequent units.

Thank you for your support. Sincerely,"... SFC Mike Kent,First Sergeant, HHD 164th Transportation BN

"Thank you so much for what you are doing for our troops, to have continued support after so many deployments touches a very deep spot in the hearts of all the Marines and Sailors. So we would like to extend a heartfelt "Thank You" for what you and your company are doing for our country's deploying troops."... Combat Logistics Battalion - 6

"This is from our little country church in the woods. We have veterans from every service and every war since WWII in our small congregation. It is our hope to support tangibly those in harms way in addition to our support in prayer. God Bless y'all for your efforts in this support."... Jim Cirillo, Grace Church, Casanova, VA, Pastor and father of a Naval Officer and a Corpsman of Marines

click picture for larger view of certificate of appreciation
"Please accept my sincere gratitude for the pillows we received as a result of your considerable effort and generosity. Your thoughtfulness will improve the quality of life for many soldiers in this unit. Perhaps more importantly, your efforts serve as a reminder that, along with their own families, many Americans are mindful of the service members laboring in defense of our country far from the comfort and security of home.

I commend your organization, and its many volunteers and donors, for giving of your time, talents, and resources to make the lives of others a little more pleasant. It is gratifying to know there are citizens of our great nation who appreciate the freedoms we all enjoy, and who understand that there are those who must make sacrifices to ensure these freedoms for future generations.

Again, I offer my heartfelt thanks and convey the gratitude of all the solders of the 443rd Transportation Company who have been touched by your kindness. We are the "Titans" and our motto is "Carry the Fight". Your encouragement and support will help us to continue to do just that."... Kerry M Studer, MAJ, USA, Commanding

"I would like to express my appreciation for your generosity in support of the 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team with your organization's donation of pillows to our Soldiers. I understand that in this difficult economic time businesses such as yours must carefully consider any donation, but we truly appreciate your investment in the morale of our Soldiers who find themselves away from their families this holiday season. Your personal commitment is incredibly motivating to our Soldiers and your kindness is truly appreciated. Your support means so much to the Soldiers and Families of the Brigade. Thank you from all of us."... Jerome S Morrison II, Major US Army, Commanding

picture soldier with  pillows
"For Christmas, our chapter opted to forgo giving presents to our secret sisters and donate $20.00 each for pillows. This is what we did at our Christmas meeting and collected $320.00 for the pillows. Hope this helps some.".... Lucy Sox Gruel, Preceptor Omega Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi

"Thank you for the pillows for Patriots. What a wonderful idea. Instead of the usual small gifts of peanuts (fancy ones), candy, etc. given at Christmas, my friends will receive the picture of our troops with a pillow and a copy of the letter you send our troops. You are remarkable ladies and I thank you for what you and Harris pillow are doing for our troops.".... Babs Shwab

"This check is from our Education Sorority, Alpha Delta Kappa. October is our Altruistic Month, and many sisters wanted to donate to Pillows for Patriots. We hope this donation will bring comfort to some service men and women."... Connie

"I would like to thank you for the care package of pillows that you sent to Echo Company. Getting these care packages that make life over here that much better mean more to us than words could express."... Lance Corporal Michael J. Murray

"We got those pillows almost a month ago and I have pushed them all out to my teams in the field. They fit well in our ruck sacks when the guys are on patrols. The guys really like them and use them a lot…..Probably one of the best packages we have gotten so far."... Anthony Ray

picture of pillows being shipped "We received the great pillows! They are the perfect size for throwing in our ruck sacks and taking out on missions. It’s great to be able to take a little piece of home with me."... LTC Robert Batts

"The Old Village Association of Port Royal is pleased to support you in your endeavor to help our servicemen and women by enclosing a donation. We sincerely applaud your efforts for this very worthy cause."

"I can't thank you enough for sending 50 pillows to my son, 2LT Raymond Dillard and his platoon…When I emailed him to tell him that pillows were on the way for his troops and him, I received a very elated “THANK YOU MOM” back from him. Your generosity is a boost to his spirit and to those of his men!"